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As Children, We Were Allowed To Dream BIG And The Best Part Was, That Each of Our Dreams Could Become A Reality.


But As We Grew Older, The Societal Norms Started To Catch Up Upon Us.


Suddenly, We Were Told To Conform To Standard Norms And Practices.


Suddenly, Dreaming Big Became A Crime.


Suddenly, All We Were Restricted To, Was One Job, One House, And Two Cars.


And, Abundance Became A Distant Dream  

How Could The Most Evolved Species On The Planet Be Restricted To So Little?

Mental Programming Played A Big Role In ‘Taming’ Us Down.

Have You Seen A Pet Horse Grazing In The Farm?

Most Often, Its Two Front Feet Are Tied Together.

Have You Wondered Why?

To Ensure That It Doesn’t Run Away Because Running Is The Horse’s Biggest Asset.

What Is Our Biggest Asset As Humans?

Our Mind!

So They Conquered Our Minds… How?

  • Either By Bullying Us..

  • Instilling Fear In Us..

  • Nagging Us..

  • Dominating Us..

  • Emotionally Blackmailing Us..

  • Shaming Us..

  • Embarrassing Us..

  • Or Worst of All, Deserting Us..

It’s Time To Reclaim Your Greatness Back Because That Is The Only Way Towards Your Abundance…

How Do You Do That?

Reclaim Your Mind

Till now, your mind was taking instructions from everybody but YOU. It’s time to take back, the charge of your mind. Think for yourself, analyse yourself and decide for yourself.



Aim For Clarity

Let your intention be to get CLARITY about everything you want to achieve and haven’t yet been able to do so. It could be your health, business, relationship, finances, or life in general, get Clarity about how you want it to be.


Join My 3 Day Challenge

Get out of your comfort zone, step into the unknown, see what is out there, see where the world is going, and see how you are not alone in this journey and there are hundreds of like-minded people, just like you.



What Does My 3 Day Challenge Offer?


Freedom from the limiting beliefs that have kept you caged for such a long time, so much so that you forgot, you were born with infinite potential and could create the life of your dreams.


We are mindlessly moving through life as if we are a robot who is a slave to her master. Well, in our case, we are the masters and we should be driving our life vehicle as per our wishes and desire.  For that you need to first be aware that you are the ‘driver’ and not the passenger.


Whether you are looking for more money, more business, more love, and joy in relationships, or just want to be happier, this 3 day challenge will give you that and much more.


Most importantly, this 3-day challenge will re-introduce you to your abundance. We were born abundant but somewhere along the way, we forgot that we had the super powers to be the richest, most successful person on the planet. It’s time to get it back.

Who Can Join My Challenge?


People who want to scale their business but because they are not in touch with their abundance, are always in a financial crisis.


Coaches who are masters in their subject but cannot get new clients everyday because of their limiting beliefs.


Who are stuck in their current job or position and cannot break through the shackles of mediocrity and low income.

Home Makers

Who want to improve their home environment, and share a soulful relationship with their loved ones but life throws only curveballs at them.

But Who Am I To Tell You About Abundance?

Hi! I Am Snehal Singh, An Abundance Strategist.

I am also the Publisher & Founder of Mind Spirit Works Publishing, NLP Master Trainer, 10X Bestselling Author, Writer’s Coach, Podcaster, & International Speaker.

For the last 8 years, I have dedicated precious moments of my life to making entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches, and homemakers become aware that their abundance is within their reach and all they have to do is change their mindset to reclaim it.

I truly believe that we were born abundant and we can have everything we desire in our life experience only if we understand abundance and breath in it in every moment of our life.

And now it is my life mission to re-introduce abundance to every person and every business on this planet.

Click on the link below to join my 3-day challenge now.

What Do My Clients Have To Say About Me?

“When I discovered Snehal’s Right to Abundance Course, I had no idea how lucky I was. She’s patient and generous and lives the idea of ‘abundance’ that she teaches. Not only is she an amazing coach but an amazing teacher who brings information to life.”

Betsy Cook Speer

“Snehal is a brilliant Coach. Her wisdom and experience flow so effortlessly in her coaching. She shares with all her heart. As a person and as a coach, she is very warm, humble, and down-to-earth. She so walks her talks, really admirable. With all these qualities her being shines through her. Another admirable quality of hers is that she is very prompt in her response and gives more than you would expect. I loved my sessions with her. And it is a pleasure to know her.”

Seema Valia

“I can’t say enough good things about Snehal. She is intuitive, keeps you accountable without being pushy, compassionate and the most important – gets results! As a client to Snehal’s, I highly recommend her. You will be amazed at the progress you make.”

Ros Kaspi

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